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The Syncopating Sea Monkeys of River City High School are celebrating their 20th Anniversary. Under the direction of Felicia Weatherly, this program offers students educational and life skills development in teamwork, leadership, public performances and speaking and music theory, and much more!

The Syncopating Sea Monkeys are regular performers in the Sacramento Music Festival and with the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society’s Youth Jazz Program (STJS).  Their set list routinely contains many traditional jazz favorites such as Bourbon Street Parade and When the Saints Go Marching In.

Our program has made such an impact on students that many alumni come back and teach or play on a regular basis!


You can find us here:

Sea Monkey Jazz Association
1 Raider Lane

West Sacramento, 95691

Phone: 916-384-6030 916-384-6030

Email: seamonkeys@yahoo.com

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